Wether you need a 10 second web video clip, or a full length DVD video production, 1Sky can provide you with a complete solution.

  • professional 3 chip DV recording.
  • online Final Cut Pro editing
  • VHS/DV/DVD/Quicktime outputs
  • Custom DVD menus and leaders
When you need it yesterday, or can't afford to miss a one-time event, give me a call.

Here are some examples. You'll need Quicktime to view these clips

Rossana Scimeca was accepted to "Junkyard Wars" because of this video. We shot the video in one afternoon, and she was able to fedex the finished tape the next morning.
The Rollvulvas are a Seattle based theater group. Amateur videographers recorded their 2002 performance on low quality cameras with extremely poor sound. Using software and multiple angle shots i was able to edit and produce a reasonable documentary of their show.
Earth Circus wanted a documentary shoot of their NBA Playoff Half Time Show. This video is NOT approved by the NBA, the Sacramento Kings, the LA Lakers, or anyone you see on the shoot. Sometimes its best to ask forgiveness rather than permission. i like to call this technique of mixing my footage with broadcast as "media engineering".

1Sky Paragliding was the catalyst for my video explorations. Here you can see my experiements with helmet mounted cameras and web compression techniques. These clips where edited on the first generation powermacs, which took forever to render and compress and barely made VHS quality. Now i use the latest G4 systems and maintain 3-chip DV quality from shoot to print.
Please contact me for rates and ideas.