1Sky Consulting is pleased to offer the following products. These are all custom built to order with the finest attention to detail and quality. All 1Sky products come with a lifetime warranty*. These products are hand made in the USA, by normal American folks, not some sweat shop offshore. Our prices are a bit higher to accomodate the "shop locally" ideal, but our quality more than justifies the cost.

(* lifetime of the original purchaser, non-transferable. 1Sky will repair or replace the unit at my discretion. No warranty to suitability or guarantee of safety is made)

Please contact me for questions or to order any of my products.

Light Products and Illumination Design
Light Jewelery

New! Using tiny rechargeable batteries, and the smallest Surface Mount components (smd), these are super bright and super small! These LED illuminated pieces are stunningly bright and very visible in regular ambient lighting. Available with selectable pre-programmed patterns, or now with sound reactive so the lights pulse to nearby music. Units are self contained and do NOT need a cable powersupply or external battery pack.


Light Staff

Each end of this Lexan twirling staff contains 5 super bright Picxel modules, and the center houses the NiMh battery pack and controller. Nearly limitless patterns shoot down both ends giving a spiral rainbow effect to night time festivities. The unit is extremely durable to survive dropping and accidents, and runs for over 8 hours on a single charge.
Light Poi

These units are designed to be spun at the end of a small leash (included). Programmed with a non-repeating rainbow pattern, these units create a unique effect that makes fire seem boring. Sold in matched pairs, they come complete with internal NiMh batteries and external AC charger.
Please see the complete HypKnowTron Prints page for more info

Custom LED Lighting Solutions

These tiny networks consist of a "master" pattern generator, which can either be preprogrammed for custom patterns, or algorhythms, or sound reactive with microphone or line-in jack. This is a fancy one with a backlit LCD to access the menu through a single rotary encoder. Just the single stereo phono cable caries the power-in and data-out, which can be extended with twisted pair beyond a few feet if needed.

sequencer picture

"Slave" units that drive LEDs. Here is some of the boards used in a recent commisioned HypKnowTron. i designed these boards, soldered all the smd, and used Tim Blacks L2K code in the pics. The power, clock, and data lines are daisy chained so the whole strip needs only the single connector.

The onboard PICs can voltage step the SuperBrite Red,Green, and Blue LED's to provide 1024 distinct colors to nearly any pattern. Also available is a PWM version which can fade between the 1024 discrete shades providing an almost endless color variety. LookMa! just 3 wires!

These units run on 6v DC, use the chained resonator, or can be cut apart to use as single modules. L2K used 200 of these pics in a single chain, but they can be Split and Teed for some interesting "tree" effects. Theoretically, they can be extended ad nausem with regularly spaced power supplies or batteries.

These light modules are easy to connect,simple to program, and can be installed in just about any art project or costume you desire. A standard stereo microphono jack connects the sequencer, 3 wires go to the LED modules (2 for power, one for data), and 2 wires for power from a decent 5-6v power source.

Designed with the non-technical artisan in mind, i can help you illuminate your piece with minimal wiring effort and cost. If you have a piece or project and would like to collaborate on lighting your work, i can offer complete solutions or consulting for custom sequenced day-brite illumination.

This system can also be utilized to control EL and Solenoid controls (fire, air, water, etc). These units are based on the same modules used in the HypKnowTron and Flying Pig. Complete costume design and installations are available on a commision basis, and can combine LED, EL-wire and other devices onto a single controller system.

Flying Radio Gear
Flexable NiTinol Antenna Standard BNC mount antenna replacement for 2m ham. NiTinol can be literally bent and tied into knots, and will return to straight. Tuned to 5/8 wave at 146 mhz, these antennas read an SWR of under 1.2 from 144 to 148 mhz. Also available tuned for 151.5 mhz for the USHGA bands.  
In Harness J-Pole Antenna Standard BNC mount connects this flexable antenna to your radio. Ideal for sewing into harness or risers, also comes with attachemtn point for deployment from a tree or other high point for landouts. This 1/4 wave + 1/2 wave system can handle up to 30 watts, and can be rolled up into its own carry bag. Dont leave on that XC without one!  
Helmet Headset High quality electric condensor microphone combined with high voice frequency response speaker designed for intergral mounting in a full face helmet. Standard dual plug for Icom/Yaesu includes custom made plug body designed for the zippers, pulling and thrashing that comes with HG and PG flying and gear care.  

EL Wire Design
Sometimes called "NeonWire", or "CoolNeon", ElectroLuminescent wire is an artists dream!!! This amazing wire allows you to create sculptures out of light, or use it to enhance an existing piece for night and low-light appreciation. Combined with the L2K based multi-channel sequencers, an unlimited (almost:-) number of "channels" is possible. If you have an idea for a sign, costume, mask, or art piece and need EL, i can provide you with wire, tools, battery packs, charders, help, and or final assembly. Please contact me for more details and a free quote.