• Over 25 years of network and telephone design and installations experience
  • Home Tele-Commute, network, wireless, and VPN installations
  • Additional phone, Ethernet, Video and or Fiber jacks installations
  • Office, Building, Campus, and Multi-Campus Intra and InterNet solutions, including
    • Network Design and Specification
    • Network Installation, Verification, Maintenance
    • ISP arrangements and router istallations and configurations (Cisco)
    • PPP, ISDN, FrameRelay, DSL, Cable, and Satellite Intenet
    • Network Upgrages and additions, with the future in mind!
    • Subcontractor organization, scheduling and management.
    • Wireless (802.11) network and bridging setup and configuration
  • HTTP, SMTP, DNS, AppleShare, NFS, Firewall etc server installations
  • Backup and Disaster Strategies and archive management
  • ISP/Hosting go-betweens and Liasons

Completed wiring patch for 100+ office drops installed in unused closet.

Typical small office complete wiring solution once patched.

Here is a custom built complete solution for an entire high school campus. Redundant Web, Mail, DNS, DHCP and Filesharing servers, Cisco multiport router, and backup servers all installed in a single enclosed rack with UPS.

Parts of this system are still in use over 10 years later.