I am pleased to offer individually tailored training and technical services to the Education, Entertainment and Sports Aviation sectors.

  • Computer Hardware Repair and Upgrades (pc and mac)
  • Laptop Repair, Macintosh Powerbook and iBook Specialist
  • Computer Software Installation, Configuration and Training
  • Home Internet Connections (DSL, Cable, Dialup, Wireless)
  • Office Internet (Frame Relay, ISDN, Leased Lines T1 and up)
  • Full Building Network Design and Installation.
  • Office-Flow analysis and Server Maintenance
  • Backup/Disaster/UPS strrategies.
  • Web Site design and hosting with ISP of your choice
  • Intranet and Internet E-Mail/DNS/Firewall installations
  • File Sharing; Appleshare , Samba (for windows), Unix(NFS)
  • Program setup and training (most popular titles, Works, Office, FileMaker, Access, etc)
  • Class training; faculty, student, employee and family customized training sessions
  • Technology Plans and Strategies, Upgrade planning, 5 year plans, infrastructure management
  • Consultant and SubContractor arangements and coordinations, including retainer and projects
Let me help you make the most out of your technology. My solutions are satisfaction guaranteed and priced to fit the average school or home budget

Please contact me for a free estimate.