The following satisfied customers can provide you with references. Please contact me for a list of email or phone contacts.

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Flaming Lotus Girls

Computers + LED + Fire , these Ladies are HOT.

terra pic i did the brains and buttons in the new TerraSphere from Jim Bowers at tHe TrIbE. Tim Black's L2K ported to HV Triacs to switch the EL wire at 190 channels. Here is the old TerraSphere page
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This local colour consultant firm has been a joy to work with!


This organization is dedicated to promoting Fiber and Textile art in SF.

Gateway High School, A new Charter School in San Francisco

i have setup a small computer lab and office computers for this fledgling school. They're doing things a bit differently here, so i fit right in. i also teach the students and faculty how to use the computers, we'll have some of their work up soon.

Aim High, a summer program for outstanding young adults

i helped them get a website going.

Lick-Wilmerding High School, an Independant high school

i built the entire campus network and am responsible for there now being a computer on every teachers desk. Lick is using 99% of their class-C address space. But i'm the proudest of the webclub. Let me know if want to know how to use your students energy and expertise to your benefit.

College Preparatory School, an Independant high School

i've done some extensive wiring projects for them, this is about as big a scale as i can handle. If you need something larger, i can design the network, and arrange a datacomm contractor for you.

Other Clients include: The PhillipsBrooks School, Head Royce School, and Lots of individuals.