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Warning: All of the info following is only theory. Do not take any of this as finite. If you have any information or references on these subjects, please let me know.

Coronal Mass Ejections and Earthquakes

it would appear that our sun has a very direct impact on our planet. The 2004.12.26 earthquake in Sumatra coincided with a large CME just before the quake. This was predictable almost 3 days ahead as the SOHO images indicated a large magno-looping swinging around towards the earth. However, i didnt think to save the seismograms or the soho images then, so only Karen can prove i said there was a "90% chance of a large earthquake on tuesday", but i said that on the Sunday before, and the Sumatra quake was on Monday.

So, today there was an unusual long sine wave on the seismos, with a period of about 22 seconds, and a second harmonic at about 47 minutes. i did save these images, and you can see them by clicking on the thumbnails to the left. The bright green spot in the center is a still image location of the CME, and the red target image is an mpeg animation of the time frame in concern. It would appear that the CME left the Sun on 2005/05/15 near 03:00UTC arrived at Earth on 2005/05/16 at about 04:00 UTC.

This event did cause an earthquake too, but not a big one, and several hours after the solar wave arrived. However, note the sine wave period that registers on seismographs all over the planet BEFORE the actuall quake occurs. There was a tiny bit of this before the sumatra quake, but a long 36 hours of the sinal wave AFTER the sumatra quake. Was that the earth "ringing" from the quake? or the solar shock itself? I also included the highest res seismo i could find from Berkeley.

World Seismo data http://aslwww.cr.usgs.gov/Seismic_Data/telemetry_data/

UCB NCEDC Seismo data http://quake.geo.berkeley.edu/bdsn/quicklook.html

SOHO data http://soho.nascom.nasa.gov/data/realtime-images.html

Global Warming and West Coast Weather

well, here is the second time ive seen this, a continuous moisture stream that stretches from the equator to the north pole. IMHO the first results of the GW (or is it Global Cooling?) will be increased turbidity and extreme increases in rainfall. This is the advent of the Age of Aquarius isn't it?

my general theory is this: MamaNature will try to balance the ground level heating changes with rain and snow. Add up all the clearcuts, the rainforest canopy, parking lots, drainage systems, damns, manmade lakes and so forth, and the cummulative total is huge. And that does NOT include the hydrocarbon emissions and ozone issues.

in other words, the monkeys have changed the surface of the planet enough now that the weather will adjust to compensate. My general forecast for the WestCoast of CONUS will be heaps of rain. The main interface between the pacific-warm-moist-northward-bound flow and the overheated-no-trees-bc-to-la-southbound corridor. If we are lucky, the extreme moisture content will alleviate the high K and T index, and keep the vorti normalized (read: less tornadoes along the coast, more in the central valley and east of the Cascade-Mendocino ranges after the water is dumped).

Think of it like an elephant or amphibian. Since the monkeys cut all the tress down and replaced them with pavement, Earth is getting sunburnt. The counterforce to this will be more rain and snow, kinda like boiling all that heat as steam into the troposhpere. I'd say right now its a 50/50 chance that we wind up with steamy-tropical conditions all the way up to the 45o lattitude, or year-round snow cover down to 35o lattitude.

neat eh? a _real_ challenge for the monkeys!

Lunar Tides and the Weather

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Lunar Elementals and Wind Timing

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