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Natal Charts

This is the first step in self-discovery. With the help of Astrolog software, together we explore your alignment at time of birth. During the lesson, i create for you a body-earth-centric diagram that can be used for future reference. i can also install for you and instruct you in using Astrolog on your own computer.

Pictographic Analysis

The entire universe is simply an endless set of vibrating entities. Here on Gaia, we feel the pulls and tugs of these vibrations much like the oceans follow the Moon and Sun. More advanced lessons include color studies of the Chakric vibrations and their interplay with the heavenly bodies.

These mappings can also be applied to the "birth" of any entity.
Would you like to know how your business venture will do ?
Perhaps see if there is a future for you and a significant other?
With the help of a computer, it is possible to analyze events at any point in the past or future,
and even predict certain times of increased or decreased harmonies.

Lessons can last anywhere from one half to several hours,
and can be scheduled for your convenience.

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