Welcome to the original 1Sky

When i first started flying Paragliders in 1992, a Raven came to me and explained it simple...

"..the silly monkeys fight over fences,
whilst the advanced soul can rise above,
and see that we all live under 1Sky. "

He flew with me for about an hour, teasing me to follow him and realize that indeed you can not see political boundries from the air. Furthermore, it seems that we all breathe the same molecules, the air is shared throughout the planet and throughout history. I like the idea that i am breathing the same air as Einstein, Yuri Gagarin, Jesus, or the Buddha.

1Sky has been the legal name of my busines endeavours since 1998 and the domain 1Sky.com since 1997. i did not trademark it for obvious conflict of belief reasons, and thus have to suffer astroturf spam harvesting .orgs. To think that our current system of government can have any "change" on the corporate rape of mother earth is illogical. i suggest you spend your time Making Something Yourself instead.

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